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My practice explores an alternate theory of consciousness as something non-localized: independent and free-existing in the world, ubiquitously present in unfiltered wavelengths just as light and sound are. Using a process of digital collaging and painting, my recent abstract work seeks to immerse viewers in meditative, liminal spaces - between spirituality and biology, between rest and play, between the unknown and something deeply, intangibly understood. Through this, I am trying to create entry points into an experience of 'Oneness' that is healing, inspiring, and ultimately life-affirming.

I deeply believe that a shift in our understanding of consciousness as an ever-present, connecting force in our natural world can have broad implications on how we understand our relationship with the planet and negotiate the future. 

I received my BFA at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I am currently based in Brooklyn, NYC. 

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