There is a metaphysics inherent in our everyday view that presupposes consciousness - our state of awareness - as arising out of assumed material processes and chemical interactions within the brain. Within this is a latent implication that one of the most fundamental experiences of being is an accidental by-product of our wiring, an idea stubbornly rooted in a tradition of Cartesian Materialism which - despite its major contributions to industry and science - has proven to be an extremely destructive ontological foundation for understanding ourselves, and how we as humanity exist relationally to the rest of our natural world.


My practice explores an alternate theory of consciousness as something independent and free-existing in the world, ubiquitously present in unfiltered wavelengths just as light and sound are. Using a process of digital collaging and painting, my recent abstract work seeks to immerse viewers in meditative, liminal spaces - between spirituality and biology, between rest and play, between the unknown and something deeply, intangibly understood. Through this, I am trying to create entry points into an experience of 'Oneness' that is healing, inspiring, and ultimately life-affirming.

I deeply believe that a shift in our understanding of consciousness as an ever-present, connecting force in our universe can have broad implications on how we understand our relationship with the world and negotiate the future. 

I received my BFA at the University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign. I am currently based in Brooklyn, NYC.